Satisfaction of a Construction Lien

Satisfaction of Lien: A document, showing that payment has been received for the amount of the lien, which is filed at the county to release a construction lien from a particular property. The satisfaction ultimately clears that property’s title. 

Let's Manage Your Rights

With our easy-to-use online system, file a satisfaction of lien in a few minutes.

Sign up with Perfekt and ensure that your lien rights are protected.

         Lien Satisfaction Service

Once you are signed up, all we need is:

  • First and last day of work
  • Property Address
  • Hiring Party Name
  • Price of labor/materials

After you submit a service order, Perfekt will take it from there. Our system and process:

  • Tracks the project through the entire construction lien process
  • Ensures the service order input is correct
  • Compiles and perfects the lien satisfaction form
  • Collects signature (e-signature) for the satisfaction
  • Holds onto the satisfaction until payment has cleared
  • Distributes copies of the notice to the all parties involved
  • Archives the lien satisfaction

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