Perfekt Pricing

2019 Fee Schedule

Standard Pricing

Preliminary Notice


Secondary Notice (Notice of Intent)


Construction Lien (Mechanics Lien)


Bond Claim


Satisfaction/Release of Lien




Additional Services/Fees

Service of letters to additional parties or out-of-country mailings


Amended Construction Lien (Mechanics Lien)


Extended Research, minimum charge (call for quote)


Additional Filing Fee for properties that are both Abstract and Torrens (this is rare)


Expedited Processing upon request (plus courier fee if necessary)


Rush Fee (for any projects within 15 days of its statutory deadline, plus courier fee if necessary)


Cancellation Fee of Service, once work begins (many of our clients get paid when word gets out that our service has been requested)






Preliminary Notification Service

Service includes:

  • Verification of Tax Description of the property and Taxpayer Name/Address from County Tax Records.
  • Includes up to 2 party notifications.

Construction Lien Service

Service includes:

  • Research of property Legal Description, and Owner Name(s) of Fee Owners and Contract Purchasers (if any) as recorded in Property Deeds/Certificate of Title on file at County Offices;
  • Mailing of lien notices as required by state statute; and,
  • County filing fee.

Townhome or Condominium projects

  • Please call for Special Pricing. A fee may be charged for preliminary research.


  • We no longer require pre-payment for bulk-service pricing. However, if you wish to pre-pay for services, Perfekt will accommodate.

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