Perfekt has Teamed Up with 3Rhino!


Finally! Construction at your Fingertips!

Contractors know the value of using the proper tool to get a job done right. That’s why 3Rhino turned to contractors when designing a web-based construction management system that both develops new opportunities and manages projects.


3Rhino puts into your hands an easy-to-use tool that provides your company with mobile access to your business, increasing efficiency and profitability. Contractors can be assured they will have access anywhere to the most complete information available for any ongoing job. 


Any size company in the building trades can improve customer service with 3Rhino. Large contractors will easily coordinate numerous ongoing projects, while smaller operations can take advantage of 3Rhino’s free version that can service up to 5 active projects at one time.


3Rhino becomes your virtual staff that easily scales its services as you grow. The software can readily change as your business transforms in the marketplace. 3Rhino’s ability to customize products to the unique needs of any builder or contractor means they provide opportunities to improve efficiencies and profitability.


3Rhino’s ambitions are two-fold for their clients; increase sales and reduce costs. They do this by:



At the end of the day, 3Rhino has a fundamental belief that technology should just work. The most successful business apps are the easiest to use. 3Rhino offers just that, an easy-to-use construction management system that works. If you are seeking healthy successful growth, take a look at 3Rhino today.



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