Holiday Hours

    Happy Holidays! From everyone here at Perfekt, we wish you all a very happy holiday season! To give our team time to spend with ..

    Celebrating 10 Years!!

    We are celebrating 10 amazing years since the Estenson family acquired Perfekt. In those 10 years we haven't had a chance to go on a family ..

    The Truth About Construction Lien Management

    Getting Paid Without Worry Over Paperwork and the Legal Mumbo-jumbo Until a tradesman or supplier is paid for their contribution to..

    The Many Reasons To Use A Construction Lien Service Provider

    The Many Reasons to Use a Construction Lien Service Provider During the early years of the Country’s independence, the constru..

    It's Thaw Time of the Year

    It’s that time of the year again when the land begins to thaw and our excavation and foundation clients begin breaking ground &nda..

    The Misunderstood Preliminary Notice

    The preliminary notice, a.k.a. the pre-lien, is a source of confusion for those who wish to manage their construction lien rights. A maj..

    Perfekt has Teamed Up with 3Rhino!

    Finally! Construction at your Fingertips! Contractors know the value of using the proper tool to get a job don..

    Perfekt’s Revolutionary Evolution

    By Keith Estenson, CEO, Perfekt “What can I do to help contractors grow and strengthen their business?” That was my tho..

    Iowa Lien Law Changes

    Major Changes in 2013 for Iowa’s Mechanic’s Lien Laws Effective on January 1, 2013, the new mechanic’s lien laws (Iowa..

    Utilize the Power of the Lien

    Perfect (verb): Make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible. When properly ..

    2012 Minnesota Cup Division Finalists

    Perfekt is honored to be a division finalist of the 2012 Minnesota Cup, a statewide entrepreneurial contest that supports and accelerate..

    Reasons For Timely Secondary Notice

    Secondary Notice Reasons For Timely Secondary Notice Our most successful clients understand the importance of sending a prelimi..

    Make Your Notice Work For You

    Make Your Notice Work For You Over the past decade, many companies have had to shut their doors due to poor cash flows and bad payment p..

    Perfekt Leverages Technology to Simplify Complicated Construction Process

    Perfekt was recently highlighted in Minnesota's tech news. The article, written by (, is about how we are lev..

    2012 Minnesota Cup Semi-finals

    Perfekt is honored to be selected as a 2012 semi-finalists of the Minnesota Cup! The Minnesota Cup's mission is to seek out, suppor..

    Perfektion: Standardizing the Construction Lien Law

    Ever since Thomas Jefferson co-authored the lien law in the United States over 200 years ago, construction liens (mechanic's liens) hav..